Convex, S.L. has a commercial and technical equipment that is responsible for advising to each customer by providing accurate and adequate information according to your needs. The customer service department collaborates in the search for the nest solutions to achieve the total satisfaction of the customer. Account with a distribution network for the whole of Spain.

Convex, S.L. offers a warranty of 5 years from the date of supply in all components of the skylights, either because of a defect in its manufacture or omission of some of them and 2 years in electrical devices. Warranty are exempt from those defects caused by using the wrong customer, in the handling , transport, storage, failed installation of the product and those produced by weather agents.


The Plexiglas © Skylights XT Heatstop, the heatstop effect is achieved by the reflection of a third part of the solar thermal radiation incident, which allows to reduce the effect of the heat produced by the solar rays, while maintaining a high transmission of light. Manufactured in methacrylate extrusion with infrared rays coex- extrusion reflector on the same plate, offer the following benefits.

Nice and pleasant and optimum environmental climate. Perfect and homogeneous diffusion of the light. Reducing heat indoors without decreasing the brightness. In skylights with double dome is reduced by 50% the step of solar energy in comparison with a skylight with double dome conventional. The installation of this type of skylights helps reduce cooling cost, contributing in this way to a sustained maintenance of climate. The placement of skylights manufactured in plexiglass XT HEATSTOP it is recommended in:

Pedestrian crossings. Bands of light in shopping centers. Schools and office buildings.

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